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Natural materials in the kitchen

Stick to natural

Why the rustic is so fantastic?

Natural materials play a significant role in the contemporary design, they are very versatile, working well with any style.
Warm, inviting and timeless, wooden elements give your kitchen a simpler, cozier ambiance and pleasant tactile experience.
We will give you some ideas and tips - how to add a rustic touch in your modern kitchen - and be in line with the newest trends.

Wooden counter & open shelves

This is the focal point of your kitchen, the queen of your living space. So, you want it to be impressive and special. With natural element, for example „the used wood“, kitchen will look elegant and a little bit retro, which will create a friendly and inviting atmosphere.
You can choose from different types of wood and designs counter, and even create a nice contrast by adding modern minimalist kitchen features.

Certain trends come and go, but some of them tend to stay for a while. Open kitchen shelving brings a completely new dimension to your living habits, and also ushers in delightful textural contrast. Designers consider them both trendy and timeless. For example, the wood shelves against the white planked walls and the marble countertops make a stunning focal point of a kitchen.

Dark wood cabinets

Dark colors in kitchen are the latest trend. Even if the most wood-centric kitchen designs tend to use lighter wood, designers recommend the darker shades for this season. When you choose black or dark brown cabinets, you’ll achieve a classic look that is simply gorgeous. Whatever color you choose, dark cabinets will pair well with your modern and sleek home interior.

Wood & stone

One of the secrets of the luxury kitchen is the proper combination of natural elements such as wood and stone. Both materials blend perfectly together and can be easily combined with other elements in the kitchen. For example, install a granite counter top on the kitchen island combined with natural wood flooring to create an additional value to the room.

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