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Color Trends

Color trends

Nowadays, designers are creating an entirely new language to make an unforgettable experience in living space, especially in kitchens. Besides designs, choosing the right color is another challenge for the creators.
Color set the mood for the space and make it unique. Choosing the best color and material for the cabinets, counter tops, walls and floors could be a hard task. But, whatever your preference is, we've got some color ideas and tips to guide you and serve as a source of inspiration.

White cabinets timeless or passé?

White kitchens are considered timeless and classic, mostly because they look clean and contemporary. But now, some other trends are rising. This is the year when we officially close the door on pure white kitchens.
There are plenty of great alternatives: greens, blues and yellows, could be the best choice for your favorite space in the house.
Even if the blue and gray shades are trending, the green is still favorite color for most of our clients. Dark green will add tranquility to your kitchen space and lend a natural organic vibe to the room. While light green will create a cosy and friendly atmosphere. These colors, especially looks great with walnut wood accents and bronze hardware.

Give your kitchen a subtle dramatic essence

It is time to choose something different. Dark kitchen cabinets give a deep luxurious atmosphere that the other options simply don’t. But, you have to be careful that it doesn’t overpower the room, making it feel too dark. For example, quartz counters could be an interesting and dynamic choice, and this material became more popular than natural stone.

Two-tone cabinetry with matte finish

This is a stylish way of breaking up block color, especially if you are entering into the dark kitchen trend. By adding color diversity, you will have an opportunity to point out specific parts of your kitchen that you especially like, and the whole area will look much more chic. For example, focus on the kitchen island and paint it in dark blue, or some other dark shade which will stand out from the rest of the kitchen.
Matte cabinetry and appliances are attractive and will give your kitchen modern look. But if you have small kitchen, this may not be the right choice for you. Because it absorbs light rather than reflecting it, it's not going to make your space look or feel any bigger.

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