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Kitchen design trends in 2019

Trending in 2019

Today the approach to kitchen designs is diverse, creative and very personal.
Let’s begin from the ultimate purpose of the kitchen: this is not an isolated room in the house for preparing meals, a good kitchen should blend entirely with home interior. So, to choose the right design is not that easy. There are different design trends in 2019, but this is certain, contemporary design will have a lot of straight lines and sharp edges – in other words, minimalism will not go out of style anytime soon.

Be bold with kitchen islands

This is the focal point of the kitchen, so, this is the spot where you can be very creative.
In a practical way, it can be used for extra storage and adding bar stools can provide, a casual dining area. If you want this piece to stand out, use dark marble, and add a bronze base to anchor the entire kitchen.

Everything in the room should speak to the island. Achieve this with unique design elements. Instead of taking the classic bar stool, add a high bench, because this unexpected design will offer more seating space and still keeps things interesting.

Dark shades for countertops

Dark tones for counters and surfaces inspired by natural and industrial materials are „must-have“, according the designer's opinion. Quartz counters are an interesting and dynamic choice, and in 2019, this material became more popular than natural stone. In the last decade, recommendation was to mix dark countertop with white cabinetry, but from this year, trends have been changed and dark countertops are now being paired with dark cabinetry.

Special details

Always add a bit of nature to the kitchen, because natural wood accents have special ability to take the sterile feel in the kitchen, especially those filled with cold metal and stone. Wood creates a cozy effect, whether you choose it for open shelves, breakfast table or countertop.
Don't forget to pay attention on the lightning. Light up a room with a dramatically large pendant. This, along with the colorful tableware could enliven the cold elements of the kitchen.

If still, you are not sure how to fit every detail in your kitchen to look great, contact us and schedule a meeting, we are here to help you from the first to the last step in this process.

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